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"By understanding the mechanisms through which our privacy is violated, we can win here. We can guarantee for all people equal protection against unreasonable search through universal laws, but only if the technical community is willing to face the threat and commit to implementing over-engineered solutions. In the end, we must enforce a principle whereby the only way the powerful may enjoy privacy is when it is the same kind shared by the ordinary: one enforced by the laws of nature, rather than the policies of man." --Edward Snowden

About CrypTag

CrypTag is an organization dedicated to protecting the privacy of every Internet user -- beginning with those most vulnerable. We are building secure, easy-to-use, free open source apps to help you privately communicate, collaborate, and more. We're also building tools for software developers to make their own apps built on CrypTag's unique (and open source) technology.

Our 10-year mission is to enable everyone to communicate and collaborate securely and anonymously, and to access all their files and other data from all their devices, all without trusting anyone not to spy on them. In other words, CrypTag exists to provide data privacy for every Internet user.

Which apps are being built with CrypTag?

The first app we're building for a wide audience is CryptWiki, a secure wiki app that can store the wiki pages you create in Dropbox, any other file syncing service, Sandstorm, or on a desktop or server you control. You'll be able to securely share each wiki with others and allow them to make edits, too.

CryptWiki currently exists in prototype form. If you'd like to help shape the future of CryptWiki by giving us feedback, or if you're a developer who wants to help, let us know!

CrypTag seeks to create an ecosystem of apps that collectively protect all data that users want to keep private. By making it easy for developers to create highly secure, privacy-enhancing software, we can have many people contributing to this ecosystem and vision.

cryptag: Your New Favorite Command Line Tool

For advanced users, several command line apps already exist, such as cpass, a password manager, and cryptag, a general-purpose file and data storage tool that lets you store your data just about anywhere and fetch it by tag.

For Developers

Developers are invited to check out cryptagd, a trusted, local JSON API that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux desktops that lets you leverage the power of CrypTag from any programming language! You create your app UI, and cryptagd takes care of the rest -- encrypting, decrypting, storing, and retrieving all app data. Just tag your data according to CrypTag conventions -- tagging chat messages with "type:chatmessage", passwords with "type:password", to-do list items with "type:todo", and so on -- and you can fetch this data by these same tags.

What Makes CrypTag Unique?

Apps built with CrypTag can store their data just about anywhere -- Dropbox, Sandstorm, your own server, or any "cloud" file-syncing service. Since any computer on the Internet might be running software that enables you to communicate and collaborate with others, this makes it almost impossible to censor or block people from using any CrypTag app.

Plus, all your files, wiki pages, chat messages, and other data are encrypted before leaving your device, so you don't have to trust whoever's storing your stuff.

Thus, CrypTag makes possible a new app architecture that puts users in control of their data instead of being tied to one service provider. And for developers, this means the excitement of creating valuable apps users love, but without having to babysit or scale servers; your apps talk directly to wherever users have chosen to securely store their app data.

And since CrypTag supports the Tor anonymity network, you can use CrypTag apps without revealing to anyone monitoring your Internet connection that you're doing so, nor who you're communicating with.

Download CrypTag Developer Beta

If you have Go already installed, run

$ go get

To install cpass, a CrypTag-based command line password manager, run

$ go get

See Getting Started with cpass.

Contact Us

If you're passionate about privacy, we want to hear from you.

Got an idea for an app you want for yourself, or that you'd like to build? Whether you're an activist, journalist, developer, or concerned citizen, your persective is valuable to us.

Email us here, or contact us on Twitter or GitHub: